/ THE PROJECTOR is a post-punk band initiated by a geek, a fashion designer, a DJ and a gadget freak. It is the embodiment of their passion and obsession toward electronic music. Their works were often unpredictable somehow creating certain way to have fun by implicitly criticizing nowadays puny bands.
SOUNDHACK 3.2.70X Beta Version

is an experimental project derived from the spirit of "Do It Yourself". The project incorporated some sound machines built with low-tech elements to create distinctive sounds.
SOUNDHACK 3.2.70X Beta Version
There is always a definite D.I.Y quality about Soundhack which led the event stood immensely different from other events or performances. Soundhack V1.1 continued the tradition and brought intriguing performance at CCCL, Surabaya. Apparently, the performance featured Konstantijn, Sonnix and Alek Kowalski had successfully mesmerized the viewers.
/ VIDEO:WRK is the largest biennial video festival in Surabaya. Started in 2009, the event encompassed screening, workshop, lecturing, artist talk and public presentation.
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The event was initiated through the efforts of some local video artists. It has been a forum of artistic creativity and innovation for both national and international video artists.
/ NO:WORK National Observation Work is a periodical event focusing on education. From workshop, seminar, presentation, and forum, anything that's educating is in.
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We invite practitioner from various disciplines to share and teach for the benefit of knowledge development.