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Electronic Art Workshop
waft - waft - punklentine - helmi hardian and debrina tedja
/ PUNKLENTINE is a series of presentation, workshop, and sound project of WAFT-Lab Surabaya in conjunction with Institut Francais Indonesia. The workshop will conduct experiment and exploring basic electronic circuits as a sound instrument. This two-day workshop has different material. The first day of workshop focuses on the process of making a D.I.Y sound instrument and assembling simple electronic circuit. The sound output can be changed by light sensor which functions as a tone modifier. On the second day, we will make a D.I.Y sound generator from simple electronic components. The participant could add or change the capacity value of certain component until they find several tones according their expectation. After finished their work, they can explore and process used materials (waste) like plastic bottles or paper box as a sound instrument casing. At the end of this workshop, each participant is allowed to compose tone together and make it as attractive performance.