Waft is an institution engaged in the development of interdisciplinary art in Surabaya. It was founded by a group of local practitioners with various backgrounds of event organizing and art movement. Since the establishment, Waft emphasizes on documentation as a basic idea of sharing information within the scope of art. Waft takes role as educative yet innovative media of dynamic art sphere. To that end, Waft developed basic agenda which stimulate more creativities. They are:

A biennial international video festival.

An annual electronic music festival.

/ NO:WORK /National Observation Work/
A periodical agenda focusing on education and interdisciplinary project.

An annual interdisciplinary art exhibition.

In addition, Waft organizes workshop for the benefit of education development. It is totally free and open for everyone to join and share their knowledge.
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/ VIDEO:WRK is the largest biennial video festival in Surabaya. Started in 2009, the event encompassed screening, workshop, lecturing, artist talk and public presentation.
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The event was initiated through the efforts of some local video artists. It has been a forum of artistic creativity and innovation for both national and international video artists.
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