/ NEW BREED ATTACK 01 A casual electronic music forum dedicated to building community and working on the relevant projects. It invited a number of musicians throughout Indonesia and continues to develop into larger scope.
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/ NEW BREED ATTACK II lineups were DJ Ivan, DJ Fanggy, and Midi Junkie. The event is a part of Appletronik festival held at Urban Space, House of Rotten Apple, Surabaya.
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/ NEW BREED ATTACK III took place at Urban Space, House of Rotten Apple, Surabaya. The event lineups were DJ Amir (Chill Out-Deep House), DJ Wilmar (Electro house), DJ Oey (progressive house-trance) with visual by Publicspace.
waft - new breed attack
As an event heavily influenced by electronic music, New Breed attack III had successfully brought the previous joy at Vertical Six Club and Lounge, JW Marriott Hotel, Surabaya. The event's lineups were DJ Fanggy, DJ Irvan, Applestereo (live PA) with visual by Publicspace.
waft - new breed attack
Documentation by urbanspace
/ VIDEO:WRK is the largest biennial video festival in Surabaya. Started in 2009, the event encompassed screening, workshop, lecturing, artist talk and public presentation.
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The event was initiated through the efforts of some local video artists. It has been a forum of artistic creativity and innovation for both national and international video artists.
/ NO:WORK National Observation Work is a periodical event focusing on education. From workshop, seminar, presentation, and forum, anything that's educating is in.
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We invite practitioner from various disciplines to share and teach for the benefit of knowledge development.
/ VJ / VISUAL JOCKEY / creates or manipulates visuals in realtime through technological mediation in synchronization to music. It implies realtime processing material from storage media such as tapes, disks, video, still images, live camera input, or computer generated visuals. The idea of VJing came from art forms that deal with synesthetic experience of vision and sound. It created a certain challenge that audio and visual have to relate together in each section as well as the whole set.
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People used to think video as decorations. However, the rise of visual performance in the new century has brought new dynamics to its practice. The availability and affordability of new consumer-level technology allowed many more people to get involved into VJing. This sense of collective then translated from the virtual world onto physical spaces and becomes apparent through numerous festivals with strong focus on VJing.