/ FUN WITH KNOBS is a collaboration project of Helmi Hardian and Konstantijn. The project held at Samola DJ Shop combined nowadays technology with daily kits -i.e. circuit bending- to create cutting edge sounds. It involved several DJs and performers to come and play! The background of Fun with Knobs recalled from the artists' childhood memories. How it felt great when we were kid, kids who played with diverse sounds of the universe.
/ NO:WORK National Observation Work is a periodical event focusing on education. From workshop, seminar, presentation, and forum, anything that's educating is in.
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We invite practitioner from various disciplines to share and teach for the benefit of knowledge development.
/ VIDEO:WRK is the largest biennial video festival in Surabaya. Started in 2009, the event encompassed screening, workshop, lecturing, artist talk and public presentation.
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The event was initiated through the efforts of some local video artists. It has been a forum of artistic creativity and innovation for both national and international video artists.