PROJECT BY: Helmi Hardian & Debrina Tedja

How often do we ignore the variety of sounds surround us? Do we realize that as a human being, we constantly contribute to the sounds creation in daily life? These sounds can be heard from any kind of familiar voices, either in the form of a conversation, singing, praise, insults, sniffing, scratching, television sound, radio, mobile phone, the friction of tires on asphalt road, or maybe water pump. We unconsciously know the impact of our acts and sound whether positive or negative for ourselves, others, also society.
waft - Helmi Hardian and Debrina Tedja
The sound vibration as we created to an acoustic wave, passing through the air or other medium, it's reaching human senses, animal, and plant. Then the voices converted into electrical nerve impulses, which are sent to the brain. We have control over each interpretation of our own ways. It requires all senses cooperation during the recording and translating into our memory. The sound has a range of composition and rhythm that could stimulate the nerve cells, such as sensory motor nervous system, the nervous system in mind and others in a way that human feeling can be weakened, strengthening or diverted.
The project focuses on the composition of soundscapes on daily life, which has a purpose by interacting directly. Since every person is unique and has various characteristic, then the balance position for each person differently. In order to find the balance point, this is the key of this project. So it provides the flexibility to work for everyone to compose the keynote become a means of meditation. DIY circuit is simple and easy to assemble, along with the flexibility to explore the use of open source software, called Pure Data (It's known as real time programming graphical dataflow environment for audio, video, and graphical processing.)
In general, these combinations are able to create various effects of positive possibilities for processed sound generated by key elements that have been selected and combined with the audio machine. Even the door rust mixing serrations, with drops of rain water and an explosion of saliva in plastic packaging, thundering waves with friction composition of marine litter can be perfect to relax or tighten the muscles of our body.
Actually, the positive sounds isn't definite as the sound that produced by the instrument or the melodious of nature sound. Even the sound created by the culture of modern civilization (which is blamed as the source pollution), can be a source of attractive positive sounds if we think positive in the process. So do not ever get lose or hate the beautiful voices of musical civilization, which was born at an early stage as a consequence of the acceptance these civilization itself.
/ PREI NANG THAI (Holiday in Thailand) is a series of presentation, workshop, and sound project from Debrina Tedja and Helmi Hardian (H/A/D).
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This program presented by WAFT LAB - Indonesia in conjunction with JIANDYIN - Thailand, Tao Hong Tai : DKunst and Chulalongkorn University -Thailand.
is a collaboration project of Helmi Hardian and Konstantijn. The project held at Samola DJ Shop combined nowadays technology with daily kits -i.e. circuit bending- to create cutting edge sounds. It involved several DJs and performers to come and play!
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The background of Fun with Knobs recalled from the artists' childhood memories. How it felt great when we were kid, kids who played with diverse sounds of the universe.
/ VIDEO:WRK is the largest biennial video festival in Surabaya. Started in 2009, the event encompassed screening, workshop, lecturing, artist talk and public presentation.
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The event was initiated through the efforts of some local video artists. It has been a forum of artistic creativity and innovation for both national and international video artists.