In order to celebrate National Education Day, May 2nd 2013, WAFT-LAB have a chance to conduct an electronic art workshop at Ciputra World. The workshop session is part of the annual event, held by IBMT University and M Radio Surabaya, "Young Creabiz Competition 2013 : Inspiring Creativity". This workshop aims to raise awareness of DIY spirit to the high school students around East Java province. The workshop was begun with sound performance by Debrina Tedja.
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Documentation by: M Radio
/ PUNKLENTINE is a series of presentation, workshop, and sound project of WAFT Lab Surabaya in conjunction with Institut Francais Indonesia.
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The workshop will conduct experiment and exploring basic electronic circuits as a sound instrument. This two-day workshop has different material.
is a collaboration project of Helmi Hardian and Konstantijn. The project held at Samola DJ Shop combined nowadays technology with daily kits -i.e. circuit bending- to create cutting edge sounds. It involved several DJs and performers to come and play!
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The background of Fun with Knobs recalled from the artists' childhood memories. How it felt great when we were kid, kids who played with diverse sounds of the universe.
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